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This is a list of known ports for RetrOrange Pi.

ROM Ports[edit]

RetrOrangePi Vol 1[edit]

This package includes: CannonBall (OutRun engine) and SDLPoP (Prince of Persia)

To download it just follow this link:

You need to unzip your OutRun set B from latest MAME ( to

They should match the file names listed in the roms.txt file found in the ROMs folder. You will also need to rename the epr-10381a.132 file to epr-10381b.132 before it will work

Installation instructions:

  1. Select Desktop from EmulationStation menu
  2. Download and unzip to your Desktop
  3. Open ports folder, double click to run games

Engine Ports[edit]


OpenBOR for RetrOrangePi is an Open Source 2D side scrolling engine, ported to RetrOrangePi.

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