RetrOrangePi Hotfix 1

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RetrOrangePi Hotfix 1.


  • Apt fixes
  • Fixed keybaord support in Emulation Station
  • Added kodi joystick support via qjoypad (more details below)
  • Added kodi audio fix, Music and default player audio is now working, change output to sndhdmi in kodi audio settings.
  • Added kodi pvr.iptvsimple addon for pvr support (more info can be found in the kodi wiki
  • Updated SDL to 2.0.4
  • Updated Emulation Station with our own splash screen
  • Installed patched retroarch coin button fix
  • A few other small fixes.

This will overwrite retroarch core options back to default. If you made any changes you will have to make them again.


  • Open desktop from es menu
  • Right click on desktop and hit open terminal, here


cd hotfix/
sudo -u pi ./runme

Please reboot after the script has finished.


Because we use external mpv player in kodi for HW acceleration we can't use the native kodi joystick support. (to stop-pause-rewind etc) To solve this we have installed qjoypad. This program maps button presses to keystrokes so it also works in mpv player.

The default keymap file is called
and can be found in

By default its setup to work with a snes usb pad and should work out of the box.

ps3 and xbox360 pad keymaps can be found in

just rename the file to kodi-gamepad.lyt and your gamepad should work in kodi and mpv player.

If you want to add or customise a keymap, start desktop and open games/qjoypad

you can then just map your controller the way you want. Just make sure you save it as

more info can be found here

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