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Operating Systems[edit]


Q. What is the best Linux distribution for Orange Pi?

A. Armbian. It's the only distribution with specific support for all the OPi boards and with an active community maintaining the code.


Q. Where can I download an Android 5, 6 or 7 image for OPi?

A. It doesn't exist. Orange Pi doesn't support Android > 4.2. Not now, not never. Allwinner didn't release the SDK and they are not interested in doing that. Without documentation or tools, it is not possible for developers to port new Android versions to OPi.



Q. My Orange Pi doesn't boot. What is the problem?

A. The most frequent problems are:
  • Power Supply. The only 100% known working PSUs for OPi are the original one and the Sony (original) PSP PSU. Cheap chinese phone PSUs are well known not working because they don't meet the specifications. There were dozens of reported cases with this problem! So save some time for you and other users and buy a decent PSU.
  • SD Card. Use a good class 10 SD card.


Q. Is there a way to adjust overscan on TVs?

A. No. Only if your TV supports this feature. Most modern digital TVs offer this feature with the aspect ratio settings, often naming the desired mode "native" or "PC". On Orange Pi (H3 models), there is currently no known solution to fix this issue. The only exception to this is Openelec for Orange Pi, which is able the downscale the GUI.